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/ Sacraments

  Please review our "Celebrating Your Wedding" booklet to help you prepare for some of the practical aspects of your wedding ceremony. It presents to you the policies governing liturgy in general, wedding celebrated here at Holy Family Catholic Church and the general sentiments of the Roman Catholic Church regarding the Rite of Marriage.

  Please contact the Parish Office prior to the birth of your child to arrange the date of the Baptism.

  Sacramental preparation classes are separate and in addition to the regular religious education offered. You must be enrolled in a regular religious formation class one full year before enrolling in the sacramental classes. While you are preparing for a sacrament, you must also be currently attending the regular religious formation classes.
  • 2nd Grade - Parents have the opportunity to request First Eucharist Preparation classes. Reconciliation or First Penance is offered at this time as well.
  • 4th Grade - A more formal preparation for Reconciliation is offered.
  • 7-12 Grades - Confirmation Preparation classes are offered.
  • If for some reason you have missed a sacrament, we offer preparation for that sacrament at whatever age the child is.

      Please call the office at 248-349-8847 and we can answer your questions and/or arrange for special sacramental preparation.