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/ Sacrificial Giving

Stewardship is a way of life embracing all areas of life. It is a central theme of the Bible, which tells us that we are accountable to God for all the gifts of time, talent and treasure that God entrusts to us for our lifetime.

Stewardship is planned giving. We should respond generously to our parish’s offertory collection because we know God is calling us to be a loving community of faith.

Sacrificial Giving is a spiritually motivated way for us to carry out the stewardship of our treasure (our money) based on the following principles:
  • In gratitude to God, we return a first portion of our income.
  • Our gift should be a sacrifice.
  • We should give on a planned basis using envelopes.
For further information and to participate in this program, view our brochure on Sacrificail Giving.