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/ Sustained Giving

To assist parishioners in their commitment to Sacrificial Giving, the Church Support Committee introduced a new tool, Sustained Giving, in 2004. Sustained Giving is a program that will allow interested parishioners to utilize automatic withdrawals from their checking account for their offertory gifts. The following are highlights of the program:
  • You will be able to enroll in the Sustained Giving program with this simple form.
  • Once you enroll in the program your designated offertory amount will be automatically withdrawn from you specified bank account (checking only) each Monday (weekly), on the workday closest to the 1st and 16th (semi-monthly), or on the workday closest to the 21st of each month (for monthly).
  • Holy Day and Flower offerings are taken out on the business day closest to the day designated.
  • The Sustained Giving program will allow you to continue to make offertory gifts even when you're not able to attend Mass and, best of all, can help reduce the number of monthly checks you write.
  • You will continue to receive envelopes in the present program. If you wish, you may mark the weekly envelope with an "E" (for electronic) and drop in the baskets on Sunday. In addition, you will have the special contribution and Holy Day envelopes in your packets that you may continue to utilize as you have in the past. This program is focused on regular, Sunday giving.